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Stainless Steel (Chrome) Mixer

Stainless Steel (Chrome) Mixer Product Name   :   Stainless Steel (Chrome) Mixer

Short Description  :  We produce our chrome mixers in various capacities and sizes. For more information, please contact us.

Stainless Steel (Chrome) Mixer 


MIXER CAPACITY : Mixer main body has 15 degrees angle between horizontal axis. With this inclination; it can

be load up to mixer mouth level. We produce our stainless steel mixer in various capacities and sizes.


MIXER BODY : The main body and the inner spirals are made of AISI-316L quality stainless steel. Main body

is coated with polyester in order to provide thermal insulation.


CHASSIS : The chassis is made of IPN profile. To prevent corrosion, it is painted with primer and epoxy paint.

Chassis; provides the integrity of rear and front legs which are made of steel sheet. 


RING : Mixer ring material is steel. Mounted to main body after turning operation.


ROLLER BEARINGS : Mixer balls are 2 pieces on the right and left. It is manufactured completely steel or

tight-fitting kestamid material on the steel shaft. Designed for heavy-duty conditions. 


MAIN BODY HOUSING : Stainless steel main shaft rotation is provided by 2 pieces bearings which are placed

in casting housing.


BODY SEALING : Sealing is provided with gaskets and viton seals in the complete rear housing system,

its designed by HISAR. 


PIPING : Piping system consist of stainless steel pipes, pump and valves. Pneumatic actuated valves can be

used instead of manual valves.


PUMP : Fluid take-off and circulation operations are provided by monopomp.


FILTERS AND DRAINAGE : AISI-316L quality stainless steel filter is located to bottom of mixer body inside.

For making easy filter cleaning, there is a detachable cover at the middle. In addition, there is a discharging

hole on the body, provides draining water.


ELECTRICAL MOTOR : Electrical motor power is determined by capacity. Selection is made from top

productivity groups with the aim of saving energy. 


REDUCER : Reducer is; heavy duty type, with legs and available for motor connection.


ROTATION SPEED : With Frequency(speed) Control Unit, Mixer speed is adjustable to any speed between

2 values determined by capacity.


SAFETY EQUIPMENTS : Protecting equipments are mounted around rotating parts to ensure operator safety.

In addition there are splash protectors placed at the same line of discharging hole.